Welcome to our Ozilist.com – marketplace and Word “Ozi” means “Strong” and We are Strong listing..! 
Any Website and Software never comes overnight, So, we spend a several month to create this site, Time and effort so we asking you to respect our rolls and Please Do Not abuse the system? as we offer free service to everyone.

We don’t make your Advertising only for free, But we make it for your freedom.

  • You must be 18 Years old

    • in order to List, Sell, Buy or trade in our website ozilist.com.
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    • Please Note: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. We do our best to keep prices current and provide accurate information.
  • User Acount:

    • If you Sign-up for new Acount or your New Account Not used for a first Week without listing Ad. Will be Removed immediately.
  • Advertising / listing link:

    • You Can Not Link Your Ad. to other Advertising Marketplace or related Website(s)

    • But Welcome to link your Ad. to your Personal Profile / Website or/and your Business site(s).

example: *“listing Dating Ad.”  You Can NOT link it to anther Dating website(s) But you can Link it to your Profile .
* if you are Selling a Car? You Can NOT link it to another Marketplace selling cars.? But You can Link it to your own Car Dealership Website.

Those are Completely Prohibited and Restricted items of Listing SELLING, TRADE, ADVERTISE or LINK to Other Website Containing:

  • Illegal Drugs of any Kind.

*”Medication or/and Vitamin” Must be Approved by Ozilist.com Site Admin. before listing your Ad.
  • Weapons of Any Kind.

  • Porn Videos, Images, Photos, Contents, Sound or/and any Related Materials or Media files.

Ozilist.com Administration “Admin” have a very Restricted Policy and Rolls, Will taking an immediate Action to this User and his/her Account. as we follow our web-hosting and Internet government rolls and policy as well.

Please Contact us if you have any further question or concern, Enjoy Your Listing and Best of Luck. Ozilist.com / Admin Team,